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Hive Reports

Apiary Inspection Summary 08 September 2019

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Unfortunately the lead beekeeper was on his own today and kept actions down to a minimum.  Checking or removing feeders and applying MAQs varroa treatment where colonies were strong enough. Only colony 7 had  a full inspection after being united with queen-less colony 6 the previous week.  We now have eight colonies.  You can find the full report HERE.

Apiary Inspection Summary 25 August 2019

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PLEASE NOTE: No Report was filed for Sunday 18 August. 

Garth lead Tony B, Andy O and  Dusan through this busy session.  Eight colonies were fed to enable the bees to create winter stores before the ivy flow.  Queen excluders, clearer boards and cleaned honey supers were removed.  (Supers subsequently fumigated  – to prevent wax moth.)  The full report can …

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