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Hive Reports

Apiary Inspection Summary 20 July 2019

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This open inspection session was led by Nigel Perkins, assisted by two members and joined by four members of the public.  We currently have ten colonies, three in nucleus boxes.  Some colonies were left alone to let new queens settle in.  You can find the inspection summary HERE

NOTE: No summaries were submitted for 06 & 13 July.


Apiary Report 30 June 2019

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BASIC ASSESSMENTS – for five W&DBKA members

Assessors: Sean Stephenson & Jenny Morgan.  W&DBKA Coordinator: Garth Matthews

NOTE: There wasn’t a normal inspection this weekend but the coordinator reported on what was found during the practical assessment sessions.

You can find his report HERE.


Apiary Inspection Summary 23 June 2019

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Neil Marshall lead this closed inspection session, helped by four members.  Garth needed the number of queen right hives available for the Basic Assessments.  Three nucs created from hives with charged open queen cells (that is: preparing to swarm).  Three hives Basic Assessment ready.  Garth checking which of his hives are suitable.   Full inspection details HERE.