W&DBKA Loan Equipment

The Association has two radial extractors and a Pratley tray available for hire. Both radial extractors are electric. One extractor has a stainless steel body (the Konigin extractor) and the other has a plastic body. Both these extractors takes nine honey super frames. You will need an estate car, van or equivalent and two people if you hire and collect the Konigan extractor.

Hire Fees

The hire charge is £10 for an extractor and £5.00 for the Pratley Tray for a period of THREE days, which includes the day collected and the day returned. If required for longer than the standard three days, each additional day MUST be arranged at the time of booking and will attract a £5.00 fee per day. Payment is in advance or upon collection.

There is a £10 deposit per item that will be returned if the items come back clean and undamaged. The hirer is responsible for the repair or replacement if the equipment is returned in a damaged condition due to incorrect use.  Use the links to access cleaning and use instructions.

Konigin Extractor
(stainless steel)

Equipment Hire - Large Extractor

Smaller Radial

Equipment Hire - Small Extractor


Equipment Hire - Pratley Tray

The Association reserves the right to refuse a subsequent hiring if the equipment is returned damaged due to misuse or in need of cleaning. Please read our Cleaning & Use pdf before hiring and using the equipment:

If the equipment is kept for longer than the original booking period AND is not available for the next hirer at the agreed time, then an additional £5.00 fee will be charged for each additional day and the ability to hire the equipment again may be withheld.

There is an additional large radial extractor owned by the Association, situated in the apiary Portakabin. This extractor takes 12 frames – honey super and brood frames. Hirers should contact the Association if they wish to hire this extractor to arrange and discuss details.  The deposit for use of the room and the extractor is £50, returnable only if the room and extractor have been left in a clean condition.

Arranging Hire

Please contact us to check availability and to book the equipment. We will need a CONTACT PHONE NUMBER to negotiate collection.

We hope you understand that the Association’s Apiary has priority use of the extractors. This means that IF you have booked an large extractor and the association subsequently needs the extractor for the same time as your booking, we will have to rearrange your booking dates to fit around the Association’s needs.


Once your extractor booking has been confirmed, the collection date, time and location will be confirmed.

Association Microscopes

The Association has two microscopes available to hire, free of charge, to members. Details of the microscopes are as follows;

One Compound microscope capable of up to 400X magnification.  Typically used to identify pollens.

One Stereoscopic capable of up to 40X magnification. Typically used for bee dissection. Useful to aid removal of the head, forelegs and collar so an Acarine diagnosis can be made.

We also have a small supply of associated tools, consumables and chemicals such as

  • Isopropanol
  • Glycerine
  • Slides and cover slips
  • Scalpels, tweezers etc.

Please contact us to check availability and to book its use, giving a contact phone number.