Wokingham & District Beekeepers Association: Management Team

The Committee

The Committee generally meets, where practical, on the first Tuesday of the month. It includes six members elected each October by association members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The other committee members are those members interested in helping run the association. The Committee is not a closed shop and members who wish to attend a meeting should contact us.

Elected Committee Members

Gillian Turner

Chair: Gillian Turner

Kevin Cowley

Vice Chair: Kevin Cowley

Tony Lack

Treasurer: Tony Lack

Peter and Lori Munday

Secretaries: Peter & Lori Munday

Tony Lack

Learning and Development Officer: Tony Lack

Peter Butcher

Membership Secretary: Peter Butcher

Non-Elected Members

Apiary Manager: Mark Alleyne

Mary Gillan

Lynne Janes

Evan Reynolds

*Honorary President: David Geen

David Geen

David joined the Association in the mid 1970s and has been a volunteer swarm collector since the mid 1980s (possibly earlier). In the past he spent four years managing the Association’s apiary and although nowadays “keeps a low profile”, Wokingham Council still pass on to him some of their bee and wasp enquiries.

* A person whose services to the Association are worthy of special recognition holds the position of Honorary President. The position is non-executive and held for life (unless they choose to resign).