Welcome to Wokingham & District Beekeepers Association (W&DBKA)

Supporting beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping


We are a UK charity (number:1200002) and our aim is to promote good beekeeping and encourage people to learn about the fascinating world of the honeybee and the art of beekeeping.
As part of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) our members can enjoy a range of benefits including – BBKA News, Insurance and much more.

Attend one of our Open sessions at the Association’s apiary in the spring or summer to get an introduction to the art of beekeeping. You are also welcome to come and meet us at one of our regular association meetings.
Check our News & Events for meetings and Open apiary session dates. Contact us if you wish to meet us.
Visitors of all ages are welcome.

The Association is a focal point for local beekeepers, providing opportunities for members to network with other beekeepers and keep on learning by:

  • taking part in our seasonal, weekly inspections at the Apiary
  • getting together with other beekeepers, twice a month, at informal spring and summer meetings, and
  • attending our monthly winter meetings and listening to talks and presentations by expert

For a brief history of beekeeping in Wokingham – please download our pdf.

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Do you think you may have a swarm of Honey Bees? We can help.

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Find Out More About Bees and Beekeeping

If you have an interest in bees and are thinking of becoming a beekeeper OR want to watch a beekeeper at work – we can help.

News & Events

Community Tree Planting 28Apr24

April 24 Community Tree Planting

On Sunday 28th April we had a good turn out to the community tree planting at the King George V playing field, held as part of celebrations  recognising 150...
News Events

Buzz into Beekeeping

A Special Offer for W&DBKA New Members. Have you been captivated by the world of bees, buzzing with curiosity about starting your own apiary? Are you a...

Asian Hornet Information

Vespa velutina, also known as the Asian hornet is an invasive non-native species from Asia. It arrived in France in 2004 where it spread rapidly. As a highly...
WDBKA Training - Introduction to Beekeeping

Introduction to Beekeeping Course 2024

Commences on Thursday 11th January Duration 8 weeks Start time 20:00 Cost - no charge Please show your interest by completing the simple form below.The...
News Events

February Social Meeting

At our February social meeting we had a very informative skep talk from Evan on feeding our bees followed by skep-making in action!  Tony presented a short...
News Events

Wokingham Winter Carnival

The Association attended the Wokingham Winter Carnival on 27th November 2022.  There was considerable interest in the produce and products available and...
News Events

W&DBKA Honey Show

Our annual Honey Show took place on 9th November and was very well-attended.  There was a real buzz in the Bowling Club as entries for the different...

Wax Moth – What Is It Good For?

Turns out that wax moth larvae salvia can "dissolve" plastic. Any beekeeper who has a polyhive could have told the scientists that! Here is an extract from a...
News Events

2022 Honey Sales

Honey from our hives was extracted in August and is available for purchase. Jars containing 1lb of honey are for sale at £7 per jar.   If you are...

W&DBKA Hive Report – Apiary Extraction Day 20 August 2022

BUMPER HONEY HARVEST: 300lbs PLUS Many thanks to those members that answered the call for volunteer extractors – we couldn’t have done it without you. ...