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We aim to promote good beekeeping and encourage people to learn about the fascinating world of the honeybee and the art of beekeeping.

As part of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) our members enjoy a range of benefits including – BBKA News, Insurance and much more.

Attend one of our Open sessions at the Association’s apiary in the spring or summer to get an introduction to the art of beekeeping. You are also welcome to come and meet us at one of our regular association meetings.

Check our events calendar for meeting and Open apiary session dates. Contact us if you wish to meet us.

Visitors of all ages are welcome.

The Association is a focal point for local beekeepers, providing opportunities for members to network with other beekeepers and keep on learning by:

  • taking part in our seasonal, weekly inspections at the Apiary
  • getting together with other beekeepers, twice a month, at informal spring and summer meetings, and
  • attending our monthly winter meetings and listening to talks and presentations by experts.

For a brief history of beekeeping in Wokingham – please download our pdf.

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W&DBKA Swarm Service

Do you think you may have a swarm of Honey Bees? We can help.

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If you have an interest in bees and are thinking of becoming a beekeeper OR want to watch a beekeeper at work – we can help.

News & Events

Association Honey Extraction: Sat 03 August 2019 - A shorter version of this post (without the photos) was published in the August 2019 newsletter. Fifteen members helped with the Association’s annual honey extraction. Quite a few attendees came specifically to learn about extraction - some members before extracting… ...more
Asian Hornet: First Confirmed Siting of the Year. - On Wednesday 03 July the Government reported the first siting, this year, of an Asian hornet.  It was seen in New Milton, Hampshire. The National Bee Unit confirmed a sighting of an individual, female Asian hornet after it was reported… ...more
European Foul Brood (EFB): Another Outbreak - EFB Outbreak in Wokingham/Bracknell area. Please check that all your apiary sites are correctly registered in BeeBase, to enable the NBU to identify the potential infection zone.  If they are not registered use the link under Member Information above and… ...more
New Flooring for Portakabin Meeting Room - Our apiary's Portakabin meeting room has a new heavy duty, marbleised vinyl floor, replacing the old flooring which saw a lot of traffic in a previous life as a site office/staff facility.  We once again thank the Luff family for… ...more