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European Foul Brood (EFB): Another Outbreak

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EFB Outbreak in Wokingham/Bracknell area.

Please check that all your apiary sites are correctly registered in BeeBase, to enable the NBU to identify the potential infection zone.  If they are not registered use the link under Member Information above and register now.

On the evening of Tuesday 18 June I was informed that Phil Spillane (NBU Seasonal Bee Inspector – …

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Bulk Purchase of: Ambrosia, Jars & Varroa Treatment: Members Only

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Only members can take advantage of this year’s discounted prices given to the W&DBKA, who are bulk purchasing Ambrosia, jars and varroa treatment on their behalf.  Members have until 05 July to place their orders and make payment.  The process to follow has already been emailed to members.  Payment is made by bank transfer: sorry, no cash or cheques.