Apiary Hive Report 07 May 2023

Default Hive Reports Featured ImageHERE or on the logo for the full report. John Waddelove was the lead Beekeeper this week; the weather was on our side, and we had three new WDBKA beekeepers join us today; during the inspections, John explained ELB and demonstrated to the new Beekeepers how to clip a queen. In Hive Six, wax-moth was seen and subsequently removed and shown.

We had at least three hives with queen cells, so we moved the queens into Nucs. John demonstrated how and what must be done to transfer the queen to a Nuc.

Tony Ball worked on the two swarms collected in the week; one was strong enough to move to a dedicated Hive, whilst the other we transferred to a WDBKA Nuc box.

All in all, a good afternoon today at the Apiary with our new members, demonstrating some of the essential jobs of a beekeeper throughout the season and hopefully a good experience for them.

We currently have 9 Colonies at the Apiary; more changes are scheduled.