As the season draws to and end and the bees settle in for Winter there are a few maintenance tasks to perform:

  1. Sulphur treatment of all supers and any brood frames not in use (Late October/Early November) *Completed 02/Nov/20*
  2. Fitting Woodpecker guards as the frosts start. *Completed 07/Nov/20*
  3. Oxalic Treatment around Christmas.
  4. Feeding bees where required with Fondant. *Fondant added 28/Nov/20* See note 1
  5. Insulating hives (October or December – two chains of thought here!!) * H5 & H3 fitted with top insulation 07/Nov/20*
  6. Annual apiary cleanup – This year will be on 09 January (Traditionally the 1st Saturday in the New Year.)

Volunteers to help are welcome. Please contact Tony Lack

Note 1 – BBKA warning received regarding starving colonies this week. We fed with fondant 28 Nov just to feel safe.