Member Kevin Cowley has nucleus colonies he is offering in the first instance to members.  Please contact Kevin directly:

  • Phone:  07767 444655

The colonies available are as follows:

  • Available within in the next week if not by the end of the month I have 3off  5frame Langstroth Nucs for sale.
  • I will also have by the month end a 5 frame 14×12 Nuc available. I may later in the year have a second 14×12 and a second Std National (I have 1 reserved already).
  • All Nucs are £90.
  • I’m offering them to Association members first.

Kevin says:

“As an aside the colonies have been given a clean bill of health by Phil Spillane our regional SBI. It was the first visit I’ve had from the NBU since I started and it was a routine visit because they didn’t get around to me last year.”