W&DBKA Junior Member Enrolment

This type of membership is for those who keep bees and wish to take a full part in all aspects of the Association.


  • Junior membership applies only to beekeepers who will remain under 18 through to 31st August.
  • Membership of the Association, membership of the BBKA and Brood Disease Insurance (BDI) all run from 1st September till 31st August.
  • In line with BBKA rules, there is no membership reduction for those joining part way through the year.
  • BDI cover will not commence until 40 days have elapsed from the payment of the premium, when such payment is made after 31st March.  This is known as the 40-day rule.

BEFORE you start the enrolment process:

  • please read the W&BDKA Conditions of Membership shown in the Conditions of Membership pdf.
  • please read the W&BDKA Privacy Policy shown in the Privacy Policy pdf.
  • once you have sent your details we will contact you with details on how you can complete payment.
  • payment can be by cheque or electronic bank transfer – please indicate your preference on the form below.