EFB Outbreak in Wokingham/Bracknell area.

Please check that all your apiary sites are correctly registered in BeeBase, to enable the NBU to identify the potential infection zone.  If they are not registered use the link under Member Information above and register now.

On the evening of Tuesday 18 June I was informed that Phil Spillane (NBU Seasonal Bee Inspector – Berkshire) confirmed that afternoon another apiary in the area had tested positive to an EFB infection.  This apiary, belonging to a member of the W&DBKA, is approx 4 miles flying distance from the first apiary identified with EFB last week and further increases concerns of how far this outbreak may have spread. It is now even more essential that all beekeepers in the Wokingham/Bracknell area undertake disease inspections on ALL their hives and notify Phil immediately of any potential notifiable disease concerns.  The fire in the photograph is an EFB infected hive being destroyed.

Again I would like to encourage as many beekeepers as possible to attend the NBUs disease training workshops this coming Saturday at Earley St Peters Church Hall, Earley from 9.30am – details in our calendar and the Reading BKA web site.

Garth Matthews (L&D Officer)