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Annual Apiary clean-up January 2021

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Our annual apiary cleanup will be taking place on 9th January 2021 from about 09:00 through to midday.

Scraping and scorching will start at 9.30am. Helpers are most welcome (socially distanced of course).

Helpers will need to bring their own refreshments this year.

Volunteer list:

  • Tony Lack – Apiary Manager
  • Marion and Paul Bibby
  • Richard Roll
  • ..

Apiary Autumn and Winter hefting

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This is the hefting record for the club hives, includes floor but not roof. Weighed from both sides then added to give total.

Hive\Date 10 Oct 02 Nov 07 Nov 28 Nov 20 Dec
H5 27kg 32.4kg 28.5kg 28.3kg  
H3 20.7kg 23kg 21.7kg 20.7kg  
H6 26.4kg 23.2kg 21.2kg 19.5kg  
H7 33.6kg 30.3kg 31.2kg 28.6kg  

WDBKA Apiary tasks Autumn & Winter 2020/21

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As the season draws to and end and the bees settle in for Winter there are a few maintenance tasks to perform:

  1. Sulphur treatment of all supers and any brood frames not in use (Late October/Early November) *Completed 02/Nov/20*
  2. Fitting Woodpecker guards as the frosts start. *Completed 07/Nov/20*
  3. Oxalic Treatment around Christmas.
  4. Feeding bees where required with Fondant. *Fondant added …

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