Apiary Hive Report 15 April 2023

Default Hive Reports Featured ImageClick HERE or on the logo for the full report. Tony Lack was the lead beekeeper on today’s inspection, and though the weather looked like it would not break, the sun was out at 14:00 at the time of the inspections! Tony worked through the  Nuc and confirmed this was dying out;  He suggested that we might look to split from a strong colony and merge them into the Nuc. Opening hive number four, he went into greater detail on identifying the possible honey bee disease in the Colony and explained chalk & Sacbrood


A disease of the sealed brood caused by the fungus Ascosphaera apis. The affected larvae die and dry out into a hard white or greyish “mummy.”


A disease of the sealed brood, affected Larvae die before the final moult, and the contents seem to melt in the skin; they dry out to a black scale with a “Chinese slipper” appearance.

The remaining hives were inspected by the members that could attend, with Tony overlooking and answering any questions put forward to him.