Garth led this inspection with John and Jill assisting and Tony onlooking. The summary sheet is HERE

The main event was the replacement of the queen in Hive 9 with the one from Hive 5a. H9 had been very grumpy recently.

  1. H5a queen caged into hair roller.
  2. H9 (6 supers) unstacked and brood chamber moved to opposite side of apiary
  3. H9’s supers assembled on spare floor in existing location
  4. (Workers exit H9 brood chamber and return to the supers) Left like this for 30-60 minutes.
  5. H9 brood chamber opened and H9 queen caged in hair roller.
  6. H5a’s queen placed in Quintrex cage over brood /space on an H9 brood frame
  7. This frame returned to H9 and H9 reassembled. 
  8. H5a now queenless. H9 has a new queen
  9. H9s old queen wiped out on low tree branch.