Apiary Hive Report – 9th June 2024

Hive Reports

Apiary Inspection:

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Today’s inspection, led by John, New members could test marking the queen using drones. John also emphasised evaluating and addressing the issue of low stores across the colonies. Here are the detailed findings and actions taken:

  1. Key Findings:

    1. Low Stores:
      • Many colonies lacked sufficient stores.
      • Even colonies inspected last week showed zero stores.

    Actions Taken:

    1. Feeding:
      • Colonies with low or no stores were fed 1:1 sugar syrup to support them.

    Special Focus:

    • June Gap:
      • Emphasis on monitoring and maintaining stores is crucial as we enter the June gap period, where natural forage might be limited.

    Colony Status:

    • Nurturing Beekeepers’ Colonies:
      • A few colonies are confirmed to be queen-right.
    • Queen Cells:
      • Queens from the grafted queen cells introduced last week have successfully emerged.


    1. Continuous Monitoring:
      • Regularly check the stores and feed as necessary.
    2. Observation:
      • Keep a close eye on the newly emerged queens and ensure they mate successfully.