Apiary Hive Report 30 April 2023

Default Hive Reports Featured ImageClick HERE or on the logo for the full report. Kevin Cowley and Tony Lack were the lead beekeepers, Today was our first public inspection, and Kevin led this; he discussed all aspects of beekeeping using hive four for the inspection. We received great feedback from public members looking to join the club and come to the Apiary to get hands-on training whilst they look to attend theory courses or Kevin’s in 2024.  Paul kindly helped inspect the hive with Kevin.

Two of our newest club members inspected the hives, with Tony on hand to answer questions or pass on his knowledge. During the inspection, we were able to help them locate the eggs, and Tony found and marked the queens.  We also found wax moth and attempted to knock on the frames for the wax moth to pop out. Unfortunately, it decided not to play ball in this instance, so we reverted to digging them out of the comb.

As mentioned in the previous inspection report sheet, we checked for Varroa mites on the sealed drone using an uncapping fork.

Varroa mites are highly attracted to drone broods, as it increases their chance of successful reproduction. 

For more information, you can watch uncapping drone brood from Steward at the Norfolk Honey company.

Beekeeping Basics – Uncapping Drone Brood – The Norfolk Honey Co.