Apiary Hive Report – 23rd June 2024

Hive Reports

Apiary Inspection:

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On Sunday, our team, led by Tony Lack, conducted the hive inspections. Two hives were treated with MAQs (Mite Away Quick Strips). As a seven-day application, MAQs are no longer available; It’s replacement is Formic Pro.

  1. Colony Status:

    • Nurturing Beekeepers’ Colonies:
      • A few colonies are confirmed to be queen-right.
      • Another frame (with a queen cell) was added, as last week we added a frame with a charged QC on but they did not appear to pull out the QC as expected. More bees were smoked in to build out the colony.
      • We suspect that a Nuc colony has swarmed. Next Sunday, we will check for eggs and Q. Cells.