Apiary Hive Report – 16th June 2024

Hive Reports

Apiary Inspection:

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On Sunday, our team, led by Andrea, conducted the hive inspections. Together, we completed the Demaree split, a strategy we hope will deter further swarming attempts this year—though we acknowledge the inherent uncertainty in beekeeping.

One hive exhibited significant signs of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) during the inspections. Andrea, with her expertise, recommended that we treat this colony next Sunday using MAQs (Mite Away Quick Strips). As a seven-day application, MAQs are no longer available; It’s replacement is Formic Pro.

Recently, we’ve been treating many colonies due to low stores. Unfortunately, we also lost a Nuc colony, likely from insufficient stores. This underscores the critical need for regular monitoring and understanding of what’s happening inside the hives.

  1. Colony Status:

    • Nurturing Beekeepers’ Colonies:
      • A few colonies are confirmed to be queen-right.
      • New frames (with a queen cell) was added to replace the failed colony.


    1. Continuous Monitoring:
      • Regularly check the stores and feed as necessary.
    2. Observation:
      • Keep a close eye on the newly emerged queens and ensure they have mated successfully.