Apiary Hive Report 04 June 2023

Default Hive Reports Featured ImageClick HERE or on the logo for the full report. John Waddelove was the lead beekeeper today, with Gillian Turner as the assistant. We had a good turnout of WDBKA members, so we split the team into two to help speed up the inspections. Gillian worked with Ethan and Laura and found wax moth in a couple of the hives. She showed her technique of tapping on the frames to get them to come out. Ethan practised doing the same and removing them with tweezers. John led the other team and passed on his knowledge and skills; he demonstrated how to pick up the queen and how to mark and clip her. In addition, John discussed assessing what is happening in the hives, manipulating the frames, and discussing what is involved in a routine inspection.

Many thanks to John and Gillian for spending the time passing on their knowledge and expertise during this inspection. All the members that attended today appreciated it.

Post the inspection, we need to remember to let beekeepers practice on drones so that they get comfortable enough to pick up the queens, mark and clip.