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September 2019

Apiary Inspection Summary 08 September 2019

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Unfortunately the lead beekeeper was on his own today and kept actions down to a minimum.  Checking or removing feeders and applying MAQs varroa treatment where colonies were strong enough. Only colony 7 had  a full inspection after being united with queen-less colony 6 the previous week.  We now have eight colonies.  You can find the full report HERE.

Bee-news-ed W&DBKA Newsletter 2019 Issue 8, September

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This issue includes: Committee’s Elected Posts – 14days Notice Required before AGM if you wish to step forwardTwo Poplars’ Meeting – change for next year, latest Bee-news From the Association Apiary, details of AGM & Your Membership Renewals, Beekeeper in Hospital After 4 Bee Stings, Treating Stored Comb for Wax Moth, Dates for You Diary Guest speakers confirmed …

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