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August 2019

Apiary Inspection Summary 25 August 2019

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PLEASE NOTE: No Report was filed for Sunday 18 August. 

Garth lead Tony B, Andy O and  Dusan through this busy session.  Eight colonies were fed to enable the bees to create winter stores before the ivy flow.  Queen excluders, clearer boards and cleaned honey supers were removed.  (Supers subsequently fumigated  – to prevent wax moth.)  The full report can …

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Apiary Inspection Summary 11 August 2019

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This members only inspection was lead by John, assisted by Tony L, Dusan, Alex and Evan,  Honey supers from the previous Saturday’s extraction were still wet and being used.  MAQs treatment did not take place.  Four colonies were to be left un-inspected until August 25 inspection.  For the summary sheet click HERE.

Apiary Inspection Summary 04 August 2019

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This open inspection session was led by Kevin, two members assisted and four members of the public joined us… the youngest 9 years old.  We are not saying who was the oldest!  Nucleus hives appear to be building up ok, but needed feeding.  Four colonies need leaving alone until 25 August inspection.   You can find the inspection report HERE.